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Business Insurance Cambridge

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Insurance for Businesses in Cambridge.

Running and operating a business can be a stressful task. Having the reassurance that your business assets are covered like vehicles, office space and equipment, can put your mind at ease so you can focus on other business aspects. Business insurance protects your assets and your overall earnings in the event of an emergency disaster situation that can destroy some or all of it. It can also cover your business’s structural integrity in a disaster situation; natural or man made.

Property Insurance Cambridge.

Property Insurance protects your business (surrounding property and business structure) from a disaster situation like a fire or other insured damages. Other more specific insured perils that can affect the property and your business’s structural integrity can be: Aircraft or vehicle impacts, Electrical current, Explosion, Falling objects, Fire, Smoke and Theft.

Contents and Stock Insurance Cambridge.

This coverage covers the contents of your business in a loss of your office equipment or supplies. This type of coverage can protect you even if your business does not own the business you operate out of.

Business Interruption Insurance Cambridge.

If your business has to shut down in the result of a fire or another type of minor instance instance, this type of insurance covers you until your business resumes. This coverage would be an asset to a business so they don’t lose their income during the time they are shut down due to disaster.

General Liability Insurance Cambridge.

This type of insurance covers a business from injuries caused to employees or clients while on the property.

Product Liability Insurance Cambridge.

This insurance covers the business in the result of their products or services causing someone harm or they are defective.

Professional Liability Insurance Cambridge.

If you are in a situation as a business owner where you are being sued for negligence or occurring errors while performing your business services, this insurance will cover you for that.

Vehicle Insurance Cambridge.

If your business requires the use of vehicles, you need to make sure your vehicles are properly covered and not listed as personal vehicles. This applies to your business if you have a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.