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Electrical repairs from flooding force tenants from their apartment building in Bridgewater, N.S

Tenants from a Bridgewater, N.S apartment building were forced to leave their homes after severe flooding caused a complete failure of the building’s electrical system. The building contains 10 apartments and 3 businesses, and on Wednesday morning (March 29, 2017) Nova Scotia Power cut off all electricity to the entire building. More than a meter of water flooded into the basement of the building from the warm weather thaw, and destroyed the buildings electrical panel, which rendered the building powerless, and no longer up to safety standards. The building was deemed not up to safety standards because the damage to the electrical panel caused the emergency lights to fail, and the fire alarms to become inactive.

The owner of the building was considering the use of generators to create a temporary power source, but that plan was quickly shot down by the power utility, and he was told to wait until the electrical system is repaired, and that is estimated to be complete by April 6, 2017. Most residents in the building (there are less than 20) will go and stay with family and friends, and the rest will be looked after by their tenant insurance.

Flooding in this Bridgewater, N.S building has been an issue for a long time now, and there is a lot of discussion about what can be done, or should have been done, to prevent this issue from reoccurring. Some tenants have come forward and have explained about how they have checked their own electrical meters, and have found water near by, and older water marks from older floods. The building owner has admitted that there have been some flooding problems in the past at the building, but the use of sump pumps have worked up until Wednesday’s severe flood that left the basement under a meter of water that pooled up from a neighbouring property.

Tenants have been toughing it out at their flooded building, but with no power, no lights, no Wi-Fi, it has been cold, and some tenants are getting fed up. Business owners in the building have also been affected by the flood, and with no power whatsoever, a few of them have had to close their doors until the electrical system is repaired.

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