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The Internet is an amazing tool that can make buying auto insurance very convenient, but the decision as to what coverage you need and at what limits is still too complex for many of us to make on our own.

Benefits of Working with Local Insurance Agents.

It’s nice having someone in the neighborhood you can call if you have a question or concern, and that’s exactly the kind of service you can expect from a local independent agent. You can drop by to meet with real people and get answers to all of your insurance questions, and they also know the neighborhood, which means they can help manage things unique to your area. You can’t get that from the Internet.

Expertise You Can Count On.

In the Waterloo area, fortunately, insurance buyers have access to a great deal of experience and expertise in the form of Schwegel insurance agents. Here’s the best part…when you work with a Schwegel insurance agent you are getting all that expertise, choice and local service for free!

These experts can provide guidance and recommendations when it comes to the various coverage options and limits available, and can even help you uncover money-saving discounts. A good agent will craft an insurance plan that meets your needs at the best available price. Not only that, they also have a vested interest in helping you understand how to protect your family, pets and property in the face of an unexpected disaster.

This is Why We Are the Most Recommended Insurance Brokers in Waterloo.

With our team, you will be able to compare affordable Waterloo insurance quotes and see immediately what your options are so you can confidently make an educated decision. In addition to the best rates on Auto, Home and Business Insurance, we also offer promotions and Special Offers including 3, 5 and 10 year loyalty programs, multiple-line discounts and many more. You can learn more by contacting one of our experienced representatives.

Affordable, Customized Insurance in Waterloo – The Schwegel Insurance Way.

Across Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph, for over 60 years, Schwegel Insurance continues to provide outstanding service and excellent insurance products to create exceptional value for our clients. Be it Auto, Home or Business Insurance, our skilled, team of insurance brokers can help you locate the exact insurance policy you need. As your trusted, experienced, personable and licensed insurance agents, we first focus on delivering the peace of mind that comes with a solid insurance program. At Schwegel Insurance we have built our reputation on providing this personal service to all our clients.

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