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Renters Insurance Waterloo


Congratulations. So you have moved into a new home or you’re an existing renter but considering options to buy home insurance. Either way, buying, buying renter’s insurance can be overwhelming – there are so many phrases and options you need to be aware of.

Here are the ABCs of understanding Renter’s Insurance. We can help you break down the different types of coverage and options available so you can select your policy with confidence.

Choose the Right Coverage.

Buying renters insurance is an affordable way to secure your belongings because it comes with personal property coverage and personal liability coverage, which covers you in case you accidentally cause damage or a visitor is injured. As you request a quote, you can choose the level of coverages you want. You’ll also have additional options to consider, like pet coverage, or protection in the event you lose your job.

Choose Only What You Need.

Maybe you are not able to realize the value of what you own and how much it would cost to replace everything. We recommend that you should take an inventory of your belongings to determine your coverage level. This is where you can talk to one of our trusted agents who can help you calculate the coverage based on your budget.

Choose Your Deductible.

There are other things to consider like how you are required to meet a deductible. Higher deductibles will lower your monthly cost, but many people prefer a lower deductible so that they pay less out of pocket in case something bad happens. At Schwegel Insurance we offer very low deductibles and also advise that deductibles only apply to personal property claims, not to personal liability claims.

Affordable, Customized Insurance in Waterloo – The Schwegel Insurance Way.

Across Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and Guelph, for over 60 years, Schwegel Insurance continues to provide outstanding service and excellent insurance products to create exceptional value for our clients. Be it Auto, Home or Business Insurance, our skilled, team of insurance brokers can help you locate the exact insurance policy you need. As your trusted, experienced, personable and licensed insurance agents, we first focus on delivering the peace of mind that comes with a solid insurance program. At Schwegel Insurance we have built our reputation on providing this personal service to all our clients.

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