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Selfie Quotes

Snap a quick selfie and get a life insurance quote

There are a number of insurance companies that are actually testing out facial analytics to estimate your life expectancy and measure your health. Yep, that’s correct, if you are looking for life insurance coverage, all you have to do is take a selfie and upload it to an insurance company, and they will use the technology to scan through hundreds of points on your face that can determine your body mass index, whether or not you smoke, how old you look, and whether you’re aging well.

This new technology means that your life insurance rates could soon be determined by the bags under your eyes or the lines around your jaw. Insurance companies can then use this information to estimate your life expectancy and make a decision on whether or not to insure you and how to set your premiums. Your selfie photo is compared with your driver’s license photo to prove its authenticity and then the information is combined with other medical information you have entered in the application process.

Lapetus Solutions Inc. is the company who is developing this technology, and they say that this new technology could allow people to purchase life insurance online in just minutes. Current insurance companies require full medical exams as part of the application process, and that takes time. They say that this new technology will speed things up and be a win win for life insurance customers and the insurance companies selling the policies.

There seems to be mixed feelings about this new facial recognition technology with many people believing that it is rather invasive.

The facial analytics technology is still in its testing phase, but make no mistake, experts say facial analytics are here to stay, and other industries like banking and retail are already using it. With this new technology on the horizon, it stands to reason that people should take caution when they post their selfies to the internet. If insurance companies do decide to use it for underwriting purposes, insurance regulators would still have to approve it. Either way, when posting or sending selfies, whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, or when it comes to life insurance, there’s going to be an end-user license agreement. Don’t be so fast to just scroll down and agree and then go on your merry way, read it carefully, study and understand what risk you’re taking by clicking that agree button.

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