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In the Waterloo area, if you rent your apartment, house, or condo, and if you are thinking about getting tenant insurance, the answer is a definite yes. Tenant insurance is affordable, easy to get, and it’s in your best interest to get one.

While your landlord may have insurance to protect the apartment, condo or townhouse you live in, that policy will not protect you or your personal possessions. That’s why buying TYenant Insurance is an affordable way to cover yourself for a variety of unexpected events like accidents, vandalism, theft, fire, and some types of water damage.

All of the best insurance companies provide access to four types of basic coverage:

Personal Property Coverage: This includes coverage for items you use on a daily basis, like your clothing, appliances, and furniture, as well as specialty items like your jewelry.

Liability Coverage: This portion of your policy provides protection when you are legally liable for bodily injury or property damage that occurred as a result of an accident or incident involving you or another member of your household.

Medical Payments to Others: Covers the medical costs for any house guests that are injured at your residence, regardless of whether you are liable or not. Medical payments could include things like x-rays, doctor’s fees, or hospital stays.

Additional Living Expenses/Loss of Use: Covers additional living expenses if damage to your home or apartment is so severe that you are temporarily displaced. This could include hotels, restaurants, or other similar expenses.

Extended Coverage: Extended coverage is appropriate if you have a particularly expensive piece of jewelry, a valuable collection, or other similar item that has especially high value.

There are unique factors that affect which company is best for you, so always compare multiple rates. Plus, while exploring your options, remember to only pay for what you need. This is an important part of the purchasing process that you need to get right.

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